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Today is gorgeous, you paid your bills, your kids are happy!  Say a prayer of thanks and for those in need. Tomorrow may be a different day when you need prayers answered and for others to pray for you!

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It's Scarf Saturday! Todays pick The Martha Sheer Mosaic Infinity... Perfect for town country or the city! Only $18.75 less you 20% WP discount. copy and paste I LOVE WITCHY POO! at check out.

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Loyalty is probably the best quality a person can have.  My friend Lynn is a totally loyal to her friends, family, community and most of all a good time!  Lynn is the first to jump in her go to help out, run to her kids events or to a spur of the moment concert!  I love Lynn for all of that.  You will love our Lynn Bag because it is the easiest bag to handle in the crazy lives we juggle!

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A good friend is someone you can depend on thick and thin.  Someone who lifts you up when you are down.  My good friend is Katy! Katy loved a bag I carry.  When she picked it up and admired it on herself.  I thought, this bag is so Katy!   Dependable and Beautiful!

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Missed the Bus!

I have decided that life is stressful enough that I am no longer going to sweat the small stuff.  Today my son who was woken up fed and had lunch prepared for him on time because he was dilly dallying.  So instead of yelling at him I made him do my chores, took a shower got dress threw on a WP infinity scarf and dropped him off at school looking presentable and feeling relaxed!  Ahh I love taking charge of my life!

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