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Forever Vintage!

I love vintage shopping and coming across jewelry that was made with such detail.  Sometimes you have to go to shop after shop for years to find the right piece.  When you find that right item you treasure it Forever!  I know you will feel the same way about our earrings!  Best part is you don't have to go far to find it!  

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I love pumpkin picking!  I always look to find the nicest sized and shade of orange pumpkin.  Today I found the perfect pumpkin colored wallet!  Just the right size to hold my cards, receipts, cell phone, checking book etc! Oh and it has a detachable wristband, NICE!!! !

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I love gathering together with friends and family.  Doesn't matter what we are doing.  I embrace the simplicity of just being together in a simple outfit that takes no effort.  Thank you Meredith Infinity for making me look great in my jeans!

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So Chic!

I love fall dressing! There are so many wardrobe options.  Nothing says chic more than a classic tortoise necklace with anything in your fall wardrobe!

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Running Around!

Thursday is the day I like to get everything done so I am ready for the weekend!  What make my hectic life easier? My tote bag!Outside pockets for water and plenty of storage inside!

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