Store Information

Dear Witchy Poo Family, Friends and Fans,

After the fire in the store, I started to move my merchandise and displays out to protect everything and in hopes to redecorate.

As I was doing this, my gut screamed to me and said keep going, move on, this place is no longer safe. God sent me frozen pipes, a flood and then a fire! Who knew what would be next!

Witchy Poo was a very special place. It was special because it happened at a time when everything fell into place for it to be born.

Witchy Poo was nurtured by, you my wonderful village. You brought love into the door every time you walked in! It was special because my children grew up there and your children did too!

Witchy Poo made you feel like you were living in Mayberry!

I want everyone to remember it just that way.

Children grow, lives change and so do the times and just as God made everything fall into place for Witchy Poo the store to open, he made everything fall into place for it to close. And that's ok.

If you know me, you know that I have tremendous faith in the Lord and lay my fate in his hands. It does not make sense to anyone standing around watching me, but it make perfectly good sense to me.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               God has always protected and blessed me.

The opening of Witchy Poo was and will always be a great story. But it is just part of the whole story! There are so many chapters to come!

Witchy Poo is still alive and will be for a long time! will become the Mayberry of on line shopping and Facebook. (like me witchy poo accessories) Why? How? Because of all of us! We are all connected to one another. We both care and love for one another. Because you have all been cheering for me. And because I put on some pretty stupid videos! I relatable and most of all I relate to YOU!

Hold on to your seat belts lots more videos coming your way!

If you need and want that feeling of the physical Witchy Poo store then host a party at your home or office - they are so much fun!

Invite me to a charity event or fundraising event! I will come and bring a ton of merchandise!

(You know EVERYTIME you wear Witchy Poo you get a ton of compliments!)

Look for the pink balloons I will be doing pop ops all over the place!

I am so happy and very excited about this new adventure! I hope you are excited and happy for me too!!!

All store credits and coupons are still valid to redeem on line. Please contact me so that I can make the transfer for you. (

Witchy Poo is still happy to make merchandise donations to your clubs, schools and organizations!

Thank you all for your continued support! I love you all! xoxo WP